Yvette d'Entremont

singer-songwriter, playwright, drama consultant

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Version française à venir sous peu. Veuillez patienter! 

Coming soon: musical comedy March 2020

Nelson dormait, a new musical comedy written and directed by Yvette, is coming soon in March 2020. This new production will feature a 30-member cast and ensemble, already in full rehearsals. The play also features well-known classical and operatic songs, as heard on shows such as Bugs Bunny, with a twist: the new lyrics are funny and parody these best-loved classical numbers, such as in the title, Nelson dormait (Nelson was sleeping) a.k.a Nessun Dorma.

The story follows Vince and Rose, both single and in their late 60’s, who finally decide to tie the knot after many years of dating. Everyone is excited about the upcoming nuptials, and they soon start making plans for this big day. At the same time, whispers and rumors start to emerge in the community, as well as tangled love stories, bachelor/bachelorette parties, questionable wedding decorations and sketchy pasts. And of course, as in many comedies, several misunderstandings threaten to ruin this momentous day, namely the church organist, Nelson, who’s nowhere to be found, and is most likely sleeping (Nelson dormait- Nelson was sleeping).

More information to come later, in January 2020.