Yvette d'Entremont

singer-songwriter, playwright, drama consultant

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Yvette d'Entremont and cast back from France tour

Yvette d'Entremont and her cast of "La voix de la mer" are back from a hugely successful Normandy trip, where they staged her musical and showcased throughout the Acadian Week festival, in Saint-Aubin-sur-mer, France. "La voix de la mer", a musical about a sea-faring community's affinity to the sea, was presented twice, to jam-packed audiences, and was well-received. In addition, Yvette and the cast performed at the Juno Beach Center, as well as other venues, and enjoyed the warm hospitality, food, and reception of the people of Saint-Aubin. La voix de la mer garnered plenty of media attention before the cast's departure, throughout the week in Saint-Aubin, and since the cast's return. The show was filmed by FRANCE 3, and will air in September, as part of recap of the Acadian week's celebrations. Check out some of the press: http://www.thevanguard.ca/News/Local/2014-08-21/article-3842647/%26lsquo...





- See more at: http://musicnovascotia.ca/member-news-detail/3516#sthash.WQiMFCt2.dpuf

La voix de la mer performs in Grand-Pré

Yvette and cast members of La voix de la mer  will be performing in Grand-Pré, on July 20th, as part of the Acadian Days. They will sing exerpts from the musical, as a prélude to their upcoming France tour in August. 1:20pm

Yvette et les membres de la troupe de La voix de la mer  se rendront à Grand-Pré, le 20 juillet, pour chanter des extraits de la comédie musicale, comme prélude à leur voyage en France en août. Cette présentation fera partie des Journées acadiennes de Grand-Pré 2014, rendant ainsi hommage à la communauté de Pubnico.  13h20

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